Tuesday Post – Slightly Sinful

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Do you keep every book you read? If not, how do you decide what is worthy of shelf space?

I read a lot of regency romance novels, and I rarely hold on to the books after I’m finished with them. They all go on to good homes, but I am rapidly running out of shelf space for the books I do want to keep. So it’s a rare occasion that I end up putting something on my keeper shelf.

One of those books is Mary Balogh’s Slightly Sinful. I’ve read quite a few of Balogh’s books, and she’s one of my favorite authors in the genre. But I don’t keep all of her books. In fact, most of the time I try to check them out of the library.

I can’t actually recall purchasing Slightly Sinful. It seemed to appear in my ever growing to-be-read pile. Even though it’s part of the Bedwyn series, I hadn’t sought it out for that purpose – in fact, I don’t believe I’d read any of the other books in that series.Cover of Slighly Sinful

This book is incredibly tropey. The heroine is hiding in a brothel (and all the ladies she works for have hearts of gold). The hero has amnesia. They have to pretend to be married! And not only did the heroine and hero have their happy ending, but so did all the women in the brothel.

And yet…when I closed the back cover of that book, there were tears in my eyes, and I sighed. I felt too full of emotion. I knew I could not give this book up – not to a friend, not to the free cart at the library. No, I needed to put it back on my keeper shelf, where it has sat for several years.

I read so much I can’t always recall plots of the books I’ve read. But I mostly always remember how a book makes me feel. And for that reason, Slightly Sinful is one of those things I love.

Do you have a book you can’t give up? Tell me about it in the comments.

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