Looking back at my writing goals for 2016

Now that 2016 is (thankfully) winding down to a close, I wanted to look back and see how well I met my writing goals. So let’s see how much I wrote!

– Love in the Time of Hurricanes (pub date March 2017) – 30,000 words
– Wolf Knight (pub sometime next year) – 20,000 words
– Rejected Christmas Story 8,000 words
– Bloodwork – first draft – 60,000

Total: 118,000 words.

That’s not bad!

Now goals for 2017:

Edit and submit Bloodwork
Edit and submit Angels Rising, the last Heaven Corp novel
Write a novella and maybe another novel (hah!)

What do you think? Too ambitious? I realize it’s not the banging out of words that’s the difficulty – it’s the finding time to edit. It’s easier to write in the chaos of my daily life, but finding that quiet time to think about the words and fix the problems is a bit more difficult.

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