A Christmas Yarn – plus giveaway

A Christmas Yarn is now available for pre-order! And to celebrate, I’m having a little giveaway. Check out the Rafflecopter widget at the end of the post.

Blurb: Librarian Gavin MacCauley isn’t expecting any surprises this holiday season. It’s the usual rush of helping patrons, and knitting items to donate to the local hospital. But his world is turned upside down by the cutie who walks into knitting club looking to learn how to crochet a scarf.

Jonathan Mercier has just moved to town and is desperate to find a new craft for his traditional, handmade gift for the aunt who adopted him. When his elderly neighbor strong-arms him into attending the library’s knitting and crochet club, he falls hard for the kind (and hot!) librarian running the class.

But with Christmas coming, and time running out to finish the gift, will these two find the time for each other?

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Cover Reveal and Pre-Order for The Superhero Division

Check out the new cover for “The Superhero Division.” You can pre-order now or if you have Kindle Unlimited, read for free on October 16th!

When your evil twin is the competition…

Socket, a techno-telepath, is too busy to think about his crush on his best friend, Valor. Murderous robots are invading from another dimension, and he needs to use all his skills to put together a team of superheroes to counter the threat. This doesn’t mean he stops thinking about what might have been, especially when his double shows up.

Valor loves being a superhero – he loves the media attention, the way the public adores him. But the fight gets serious when the robot attacks start increasing. Luckily, they have help, another version of Socket from an alternate dimension. To his surprise, he finds himself attracted to this twin of his best friend.

The alternate Socket has his own agenda, one that doesn’t involve matchmaking or falling in love. And if he gets his way, everything Socket and Valor worked for will be destroyed.

Content Warning: A character has sexual assault as part of their background. They are also at one pointed triggers into having a flashback.
(originally published by Musa Press)

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Cover Reveal and Pre-order: A Corgi Named Kilowatt

I’m so happy to show you the new cover for “A Corgi Named Kilowatt.” This cover was challenging for me to put together. I had to work with three separate images and make them look like they belonged together. And choosing the right corgi was tough!

This story was originally released in Less Than Three Press’s Silver & Gold Anthology. It is now available on its own for the first time!

Blurb: Evan Andrews is a graduate student content with spending his days in a library reading poetry. His existence is rocked when hot, sexy, and much too old for him Marc Romano stumbles into his life. The guy has everything, plus he loves dogs. Evan is immediately smitten.

Marc didn’t expect to be older than the professors when he decided to go back to college. He immediately puts his foot in his mouth around Evan, and if weren’t for his dog Kilo playing matchmaker, that would have been the end of that.

Sparks fly between Evan and Marc, but will those sparks ignite, or will their difference in age extinguish the flame?

The novella will be released next week, but you can pre-order it now if you wish!
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Cover Reveal – Love in the Time of Hurricanes

In the fall of 2015, Dreamspinner Press called for submissions for their States of Love line, stories set in every state of the United States. As a life-long resident of New Jersey, I knew I had to submit. I’m so happy that my work was accepted. There is a lot of me in this book, probably more so than anything else I’ve written. You’ll be able to find it March 8. But until then, check out this awesome cover.

Man looks over the devestation of the Jersey shore boardwalk


The night Nick Henderson storms into Martelli’s Pizzeria, he’s just looking for something to eat. Along with dinner, he finds Lou Martelli—pizza cook extraordinaire and Jersey Shore native. Nick is renting a Shore house for the winter while taking classes at the local community college as he devises a way to escape the accounting major his father chose for him.

When Lou offers to show Nick around, heat flares between them as they realize they have more in common than domineering families. But it’s not all fun and games on the boardwalk. Hurricane Sandy blows ashore, changing the place Nick was starting to think of as home. His peace is shattered, and it will take everything he has to keep his relationship with Lou from being torn apart by the storm brewing around them.

States of Love: Stories of romance that span every corner of the United States.

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