Where do my ideas come from?

Where do ideas come from? How does a singular idea become a book? Before drafting Angel 1089 I knew I wanted to play on the idea of angels and demons, only created with technology instead of something religious.

In the original plan, Jeff was supposed to be a Demon. It would put him in direct conflict with the angel, Gabriel. But I realized I wanted to play with the concept of making deals. Jeff has made a deal with Demons, which puts him in debt to them, and keeps up that conflict. It really changed his character concept completely.

And all this before I even wrote a single word!

Trees in the colors of Fall

I had not planned on writing another Heaven Corp book. That story was told, the trilogy complete. But then, a thought came to me. What if Hank and Ian had a son? One who was raised on Earth, and had no idea of his “royal” lineage?

This was one of the ideas that occurred to me while taking one of my daily walks. I’m not 100% sure it’s going to turn into a full book, but with each walk, the plot is starting to develop. All I need to do now is write the thing.

Where do your ideas come from?

Stealing Jennifer is out now!

Exciting news! Stealing Jennifer is finally out! This is a fun little bisexual heist story I wrote.

Cover of Stealing Jennifer. Image of a woman with blond hair and dark glasses in front of a computer

Jennifer, Sean, and Maria are jewel thieves—and lovers. When a job gone wrong sees Jennifer in the hands of the FBI, Sean and Maria have to figure out how to break her out. It’s no easy feat, since Jennifer is both their hacker and master planner. But these two thieves will do anything to steal their heart back

You can get a copy at one of your preferred retailers here.

Regarding my titles formerly with Dreamspinner

Some of you may have noticed the titles I had published with Dreamspinner are no longer available. I recently had the rights returned to me. I have plans for the books.

Heaven Corp (Angel 1089, Exodus, and Angels Rising) will be self-published in the new year. I need the time to figure out if I’m going to be doing new covers and figuring out formatting the books.

Love in the Time of Hurricanes: I am thinking of turning into a novel and self-publishing that.

If all goes well, I hope to have the two Christmas Shorts, The Puzzle Box, and Teddy Bear Christmas, out before the holiday.

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Summer Reading

Every summer as a kid, I was a proud member of the public library summer reading club. I’d fill up my little booklet, give my summaries to the librarian (shout out to Miss Blake, who I still remember fondly), and collect whatever reward the library gave out at the time depending on how many books I’d read.

And yes, they were usually a lot of them.

As an adult, when I first moved out of my parents’, I went and got a public library card. And every summer, I’d load up my reading list, checking out 10, 12, 14 books out with ambitions of reading time.

Of course, that reading time got eaten into once I married and had my son. It’s hard to find time to read, although it gives me great pleasure to share with him the stories of Encyclopedia Brown – which are the exact same stories I’d read when I was his age. And to my amazement, I remember some of the solutions for his cases.

Today is the first official day of summer. And yes, my local library has a book club for adults. You only have to read 5 to be entered into a drawing for a prize – there are no guaranteed prizes for number of books read. It’s not quite the same kind of magic.

But I’m going to dedicate this summer to reading and regrouping and finding my place as a reader and a writer. I’ve checked out quite a few books I’m excited to start reading. And I still have the ever growing TBR pile at home. Join me?

Some titles on the pile:

  • Conversations on Writing – Ursula K.Le Guin
  • Save the Cat Writes a Novel – Jessica Brody
  • A Study in Scarlet Women – Sherry Thomas
  • The Belles – Dhonielle Clayton
  • City of Ghosts – VE Schwab
  • City of Brass – S.A. Chakraborty

Blog Tour for Love in the Time of Hurricanes

I’m going to be doing a whirlwind of a tour for the release of Love in the Time of Hurricanes (which is March 8th, by the way.)

Check out my posts for some excerpts, stories, and a few giveaways!

Here’s where I’m scheduled to be:

March 1 – MM Good Book Reviews
March 8 – Scattered thoughts and Rogue Words
March 9 – Love Bytes
March 10 – My Fiction Nook
March 13 – Boy Meets Boy Reviews
March 14 – Tammy’s Two Cents
March 15 – Dreamspinner Press Blog

Come join me!

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